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HARIBO Racing Team

Since more than 20 years, we have been in charge of the medical support of international sport-events, espc. motor sports races. With great success, the race doctors Dr. med. Karl R. Schuster and Matthias W. Hötzel are looking after well-known national and international pilots and teams, for example in LeMans, Nürburgring, Spa, Daytona, Sebring, Bathurst, etc. Both doctors are in possession of the international Race Doctor Licence of the DMSB (German Motor Sports Association) and the FIA.

We organize the whole medical and paramedical support on location at the race. If wished, we also accompany the training and preparation phase (e. g. height training), and advice in sports orientated nutrition. Moreover we can provide the sport physiological support at the track.

In the motor sport season 2018 we are partners of this teams and drivers:

Team BMW Motorsport  |  HARIBO Racing Team
Opel Motorsport  |  Suzuki Endurance Racing Team
Uwe Alzen Automotive  |  Schubert Motorsport
Bentley Team ABT  |  Motobox Kremer Racing
Schmickler Performance  |   
Michael Götz (Team Haas Racing)  |  Jan Viehmann (Motobox Kremer Racing)
Marco Werner (Audi factory pilot)  |  Rene Rast (Audi pilot)
Dirk Müller (Ford pilot)  |  Norbert Siedler (Porsche and Ferrari pilot)
Katharina Lellinger (Yamaha pilot)  |  Mario Farnbacher (VLN pilot)
Christian Menzel (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Nico Menzel (BMW pilot, VLN, 24h NBR)
Christer Jöns (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Nico Verdonck (Bentley ABT pilot)
Christopher Brück (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Christian Mamerow (BentleyABT pilot)
Jordan Lee Pepper (Bentley ABT pilot)  |  Tim Scheerbarth (VLN pilot)
Markus Winkelhock
(Audi pilot, Endurance World Champion)
 |  Jochen Mass
(Historic motor sports for the Daimler AG)
Lance David Arnold
(HARIBO Racing Team)
 |  Renger van der Zande
(HARIBO Racing Team)
Dominik Brinkmann (VLN pilot)  |  Tom Oster (motocross)
Karsten Krämer (VLN pilot)  |  Tatjana Hanser (VLN pilot)
Heiko Tönges (VLN pilot)  |  Albert Egbert (VLN pilot)
Hendrik Still
(Mathol Racing, Bratke Motorsport)
 |  Karina Hepperle (rallye pilot,
Rallye-WM WRC, Skydive Dubai rally team)
Sebastian von Gartzen (rally pilot)  |  Tina Annemüller (rally pilot)
Melanie Schulz (Citroën rally EM pilot)  |  Fabian Kreim (Skoda rally pilot)

Bentley Team ABT
Uwe Alzen Automotive
Alzen Racing - Ford
Vitaphone-Maserati FIA GT1 2009


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